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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permify?
Permify is a plug-&-play developer API for Access Control. We decouple authorization logic from your code so you can ship faster with ease of mind. And once you need authorizations build, modify and maintain
What is Authorizations?
Authorizations are all the logic that decides who can access which part of your application and data. There are several best practices to design authorizations which varies from creating rules to limiting access based on user and resource attributes. And Permify covers all.
What is the difference between Authorizations and Authentication?
Authorizations and Authentications are different parts of your app, yet they usually confused with each other. Authorizations are any logic that decides who can access which part of your application and data.

And Authentications are the part which you identify your users. In other terms login and signup flows.
Who Permify is for?
We're a developer API for developers designed by developers. Permify is for founders, developers, technical product teams and  teams. We help you ship and get market faster.
How does your pricing works?
Permify does not charge API calls unlike other API tools. We charge based on the number of companies and users using your product.
Do I have to share my user data with Permify?
No, you don't have to share any sensitive data. Permify only needs unique ID of your users, for access control inquires. Some features might need couple more data such as users name, but mostly it's optional. Only required field we need is your users unique ID.
What is groups?
Groups are teams, organizations or clients you have in your app. This is a feature for multitenant SaaS apps which more multiple users gather under one organization. For instance, you have a project management app using by different companies. Every company on the app is a group with multiple users.
Do you have a free trial?
Absolutely, we offer 30 days of free trial for all of our plans. Also you can use our free plan forever with up to 250 users, 1 projects, and up to 25 groups.
Do Permify handle authentication?
No, we don't offer any solution for Authentication yet. But we know how Authorization and Authentication are close solutions. So, our authentication integration with most popular services are coming soon!